Bio Fogging & Disinfection Cleaning in Essex & London

Man cleaning using Bio Fogging in lift Man equipped with Bio Fogging machine in office

EVS Facility Solutions offer a full disinfection cleaning service in Essex and London. Flu-virus, sickness bugs, stomach bugs and now the threat of coronavirus are around us and on the things that are touched on a daily basis especially in an environment where there are lots of people and is passed on very quickly.

Whether you are looking to take precautions or you need to deep clean and disinfect an already infected area we can help.

Schools, care homes, offices, factory’s, gyms, soft play areas, restaurants, shopping outlets & other public places at risk.

We have specialised equipment and methods ready to deal with keeping your environment healthy and safe. To help eliminate the potential outbreak of the virus spreading we can come into your premises and deep clean and disinfect all areas, surfaces & objects with special virucidal chemicals and using specialized ULV equipment.

Human viruses are most commonly spread from an infected person to another by

The air coughing and sneezing

Close contact such as touching or shaking hands

Touching an object or surface and then touching your mouth nose & eyes

Keep safe by washing hands regularly with anti-bacterial soap

By using specialized ULV equipment we will atomise a mist of disinfectant into the atmosphere, this will settle on all surfaces & objects and into all cracks and crevices. It will disinfect all surfaces that can’t be manually cleaned or are water sensitive. This will not damage any sensitive surfaces, electrical or computer equipment and does not leave any residue.

We also carry out a touch cleans where we will manually disinfect high-risk areas of cross-contamination leaving your environment safe clean and ready for use. This will help protect against bacteria and viruses within the workplace.

Most common areas for germs are

Keyboards, computer mice, office equipment

Door handles, light switches, access controls, handrails

Chairs, desks, cupboards, lockers, surfaces

Washrooms – hand basins, toilets, doors and locks

Flooring – carpeted and hard flooring areas

All soft furnishings

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