Extreme Cleaning in London by EVS Facility Solutions

Cleaning can sometimes be considered a filthy job! Extreme cleans are not for the faint-hearted and unfortunately, we come up against jobs that sometimes need that extra level of deep cleaning.

EVS facility solutions offer extreme cleaning in Essex, London & Kent for commercial & domestic clients from local authority & private landlords to commercial property such as warehouses and offices. Our clients can sometimes be vulnerable or of ill health and our extreme cleans may be a case of helping someone get their life back so sensitivity and discretion is sometimes a must.

Extreme Cleaning a rental property

You may need an extreme clean when a tenant vacates a property or is still occupying it but have left it in a poor state and an unhygienic mess, you may have a hoarder that has filled each room with rubbish and belongings and every surface is covered with all sorts of health hazards and sometimes even human/animal faeces, there may be some rooms that are so filthy that they are unfit for human occupancy, there may be areas that can’t even be accessed due to the amount of rubbish accumulated. At EVS facility solutions we have fully trained staff to deal with every scenario and once we get rid of the initial mess we get down to deep cleaning and getting your property back to a visually clean and hygienic home again .please check out our before and after photos to see what fantastic results we can achieve.

Warehouse extreme cleaning

A rented or owned warehouse can be used to store all sorts of items. some items may leave behind grease and other hazardous waste, some areas are used for storage and build up lots of unwanted rubbish. At EVS we have years of experience and with our fully trained staff and our heavy-duty machinery and methods, we can combat any kind of dust, grime, grease & rubbish clean-ups. It is also important your building meets all health & safety regulations within the workplace so contact us today to find out how we can help! We cover Essex London & Kent.

Office extreme cleaning solutions

There are many rooms/offices within an office building that remain unused, or the staff keep dumping all sorts of things in them. Storerooms can become very filthy and dirty. It is not every day that you clean the whole office building. Now is a better time than ever to employ our extreme clean services in London, Kent and Essex. With the ongoing pandemic, you should clean the office buildings as often as possible and ensure your facilities meet all health & safety regulations within the workplace. Our extreme office cleaning service is the best to clean all the nooks and crannies of your office building and make it safe for your staff to work during this pandemic we also offer Bio fogging services after the clean has been done.

EVS Facility Solutions offers the best Extreme Cleaning service 7 days a week in London, Kent and Essex. Book your cleaning job now and see the difference yourself.

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