Deep Cleaning for Schools in Essex & London

EVS Cleaning provide schools across Essex and London with specialist high and low level cleans that cover all areas. Our highly trained team offer school premises cleaning solutions for kitchens that meet all required obligations and health and safety needs, ensuring there is no risk of environmental health issues. Daily kitchen cleans are a great way to keep on top of things, but in a busy and well used kitchen, deep cleans are key to keeping your kitchen safe, compliant and visually fresh. Regular deep cleans will enable you to keep your kitchen and all kitchen equipment free of any contamination and to run safely and smoothly. These are the areas that our kitchen deep cleans cover:

  • Floors, ceilings and tiled areas
  • Combi ovens, cookers, grills, deep fryers, gas rangers, steamers
  • Fridges, sinks, hot cupboards, racking, dry stores
  • Tables, surfaces, windows, service areas
  • High and difficult to reach shelving and units
  • Lighting equipment
  • Treating unpleasant odours

At EVS Cleaning we understand that each school is unique and therefore will have different cleaning needs and requests. A clean and safe teaching environment will not only create a great look and feel to your school but will also help successful learning. As well as regular professional kitchen deep cleans, we also offer a variety of other professional cleans to school premises. These include:

  • Floor maintenance
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Washroom deep cleans

Our deep cleans will not only improve the look, feel and cleanliness of your kitchen but will also leave you free of dangerous bacteria and contamination as well as potential fire risks. Our professional and experienced team complete all work quickly and with minimal disturbance. Using our extensive knowledge teamed with the best quality washers and steam cleaners, we take great pride in delivering visually outstanding and hygienic cleans each time.