EVS Facility Solutions provide professional kitchen deep cleaning in Essex. Our deep cleaning services are the perfect solution for commercial and domestic properties throughout London and Essex. Kitchens and all kitchen equipment need to be deep cleaned regularly to ensure you meet all statutory obligations and avoid the risk of environmental health infringements and prosecutions. Kitchen deep cleaning hugely reduces your chances of pest issues and food contamination, as well as fire hazards, making it a safe, clean, and visually fresh-looking place.

EVS Facility Solutions have specialist teams that provide kitchen deep cleaning in Essex. We have extensive experience in deep cleaning a range of kitchens across the UK. Having this in-depth experience and knowledge means that our experts can complete all work swiftly with minimal disruption. At EVS we have a variety of specialist deep cleaning equipment and methods. We use only the best quality and up to date tools, including pressure washers and steam cleaners to ensure we give you the hygienic and visual outcome you are looking for every time. Our kitchen deep cleaning in Essex covers the following:

  • Floors, ceilings and tiled areas
  • Combi ovens, cookers, grills, deep fryers, gas rangers, steamers
  • Fridges, sinks, hot cupboards, racking, dry stores
  • Tables, surfaces, windows, service areas and counters
  • Hard to reach areas such as units and fixtures
  • Cooking appliances
  • Canopies, filters and ducts
  • Degreasing
  • Odour Eliminating

Our expert team will ensure a consistently high standard of kitchen cleanliness is achieved, leaving you safe in the knowledge that your kitchen is clean, fresh, safe, and compliant at all times. We will workaround you so as not to disrupt your day to day proceedings, and our thorough and professional kitchen deep cleans will be fast and hassle-free. Your kitchen will be left smelling fresh, looking outstanding, germ-free, and most importantly, health and safety compliant. For deep cleaning in Essex and London, EVS have you covered.

For more information please call EVS Facility Solutions on 01277 373303.